Victoria Beckham Beauty Fragrance Ad Campaign 2023

It has been four years since Victoria Beckham ventured into the world of beauty, and introduced us to Victoria Beckham Beauty, an extension of her hugely successful eponymous womenswear fashion label which the Brit style icon founded back in 2008. Fast forward to 2023 and just before the unveiling of the brand’s Spring 2024 showcase during PFW, Victoria has launched her first set of fragrances. Inspired by memories traveling the world with husband David Beckham, the three eau de perfumes named Portofino ‘97, San Ysidro Drive and Suite 302. The trio of scents were developed by perfumer Jérôme Epinettecome, come housed in glamorous sleek bottles and retail for $200 each.

In the three accompanying edgy, dynamic and glamorous campaign images for each of the three unique scents, Victoria reunites with renowned photographer Steven Klein, while also commissioning stylist Christine Centenera to help embody the mood of the unisex fragrances.


Members of our forums, however, were having a serious case of déjà vu. “Can’t believe this brand spent money and hired a whole ‘creative’ team to come up with the same packaging as Tom Ford’s perfumes,” voiced Ihhbl.
“The images are Klein on autopilot, well made and all but nothing to write home about. The packaging couldn’t look more Tom Ford,” echoed avonlea002.
“It’s giving fake Tom Ford vibes, even if it’s extremely overpriced for a celebrity range,” perhydrol chimed in.
DK92 wasn’t buying it either, exclaiming: “This reeks of DESPERATION!”
“I’m also getting ALL the Tom Ford vibes from this (even down to the font and design of the bottle itself) but I’m not complaining. Yes, every single element is a blatant and a rather shameful emulation of Tom Ford but it’s all so perfectly executed by Steven Klein and team that I do not entirely hate the end result. I’m genuinely sat here feeling conflicted,” shared vogue28.

Victoria Beckham Fragrances 2023 : Victoria Beckham by Steven Klein

Check out the questionable bottle design and share your thoughts on Victoria Beckham’s latest advertising campaign over on theFashionSpot forums, here.

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