Amber Valletta Vogue Spain October 2023

September was all about the fashion model (in more ways than one), and we sure do hope the month of October will follow suit. First up is Amber Valletta making an appearance on the latest edition of Vogue Spain, who makes a return to the cover of the Spanish fashion bible, almost a whole three years after her last. Shot on location within the creative hub of Brooklyn’s Industry City, up against a vibrant yellow wall of painted bricks, Amber is decked out in a Prada look from the brand’s Fall 2023 collection. All smiles, styled by Max Ortega and throwing about some flower petals, the American beauty’s Vogue Spain October 2023 cover story is complete with photography from Alex Webb.


Members of theFashionSpot forums, however, were far from impressed with the result. “I’m assuming this has been plucked from a garbage fashion story that will plague all the October issues of Vogue. What a total waste of Amber Valletta!” declared vogue28.
“What a waste of Amber,” echoed kokobombon.
In the same frame of mind was forum member ah ah, adding: “You cannot do this to Amber!”
“Speechless at how bad this is,” voiced a less than impressed liberty33r1b.
“Amber should sue hairstylist Tamara McNaughton for damages,” wrote KINGofVERSAILLES.
“The hair! Terrible,” a dumbfounded jeremydante shrieked.
Bertrando3 wasn’t overjoyed at the sight of the cover either. “So bad, I would sue. I want to know, how a big team can produce such an atrocious cover and NO ONE say anything when seeing it!” he fumed.
Care to even see more? See what else Vogue Spain’s October 2023 issue has to offer and share your very own thoughts with us, here.

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