The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Is Here

This eclipse occurs during the worm moon. The worm moon is the lunation that occurs close to the vernal equinox and marks the beginning of a new season and the coming of the warmer months when the snow on the ground begins to melt, and worms are seen in the soil. It’s a time of rejuvenation, restoration, and rebirth. The lunar nodes, also known as the Nodes of Destiny, change every year and a half, indicating the areas of our lives that need attention. With the south node and lunar eclipse both in Libra, it’s time to let go of certain things, like unhealthy relationships or partnerships. The north node, currently in Aries, represents what we want to achieve, while the south node in Libra signifies what we need to release to move forward. The lunar eclipse in Libra is happening on the transiting south node of destiny. This means we want to break unhealthy patterns and create balance in our lives. However, we’re also trying to let go of things that aren’t making us happy and move towards a better foundation and understanding of matters.

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