Saie Slip Tint All-Over Concealer Review

I like to apply a doe-foot’s amount of concealer on certain points of my face under the inner corners of my eyes, the center of my forehead, on my chin, and near my temples for a lifting effect. (Makeup artist Violette once told me that leaving the nose free of makeup helps create an illusion of not wearing foundation on skin, and I’ve never forgotten it.) From there, I used a dense, fluffy face brush (I like Real Techniques’ Expert Face Makeup Brush) to buff and blend the product into my skin. My face is naturally a little darker than my neck, so I went with shade 7. Since it’s a medium-coverage product, I could get away with using a shade or two deeper if I’m more tan (I naturally tan very easily due to my mixed-race background, despite constantly wearing sunscreen) or mixing multiple to exactly match my skin if I needed to. If I were going to an event, I might add some extra coverage, but for everyday life, this has completely replaced foundation.

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