Zillow Launching Room Listings To Contend With Soaring Rent Prices

The Zillow logo is seen in this photo illustration on 04 December, 2023 in Warsaw, Poland. (Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

50% of renters can barely afford their homes and their average spending on housing exceeds 30% of their income.

Zillow is leaning into this crisis and is offering cost-conscious renters a way to live within their means without sacrificing their comfort. The home-finding platform recently announced its new listing that allows users to find rooms to rent, not just entire houses and apartments.

“We know finding the right place to call home isn’t one-size-fits-all,” said Michael Sherman, Vice President of Zillow Rentals in a news release shared with ESSENCE. “By introducing room listings, we’re crafting a robust marketplace of options that truly reflects the varied needs of renters. We’re committed to providing a platform where finding a room, a house, an apartment, or anything in between is as easy as clicking a button.”

According to the company, the option is ideal for those looking for roommates, a move that’s become increasing popular among Gen Z and Millennial renters.

As previously reported by ESSENCE, more Americans are choosing to live in multigenerational households than ever before. In other words, grown adults are moving back in with their parents or taking on a roommate to save money.

The number of shared household haven’t been this high since 1971. A recent Pew Research survey found that 18% of the population has moved in with relatives in the last few years, and show no signs of slowing down. according to a survey.

People can use the room finder tool by electing the ‘Room’ filter, located under the ‘Home Type’ drop-down menu on the Zillow website and within the ‘Space’ section of the app’s filtering options. 

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