Your All-In-One Guide To Lash Lifts With Jas Imani

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Our eyes are the most impactful facial feature. This explains why the beauty industry is full of products– such as lash-defining mascaras and eyelash curlers– that enhance the windows to our souls. Additionally, many opt for false lash strips or lash extensions to make their eyes pop. But, perhaps you’re looking for a low maintenance alternative. In that case, consider trying out a lash lift. 

As the name suggests, a lash lift is a “facelift” for your lashes; making it appear as though you’re always wearing mascara. “This is done by breaking the protein in your lash, sculpting them and adding protein back into the lash hair,” esthetician Jas Imani tells ESSENCE. “It’s as if your lashes have been curled with a lash curler and coated with mascara.” This lifted and defined look on the natural lashes lasts for 6-8 weeks. 

Below, esthetician Imani breaks down everything you need to know about lash lifts. 

Pre-appointment prep

Three to seven days prior to your lash lift, you should remove existing lash extensions as you’ll see best results with healthy, recovered lashes. “I have my clients use no lash curlers or waterproof mascara at least 48 hours before their appointment,” Imani says. “I also ask for them to come in makeup free so no products interfere with the lash lifting processes.”

What is the lash lifting process?

“With your eyes closed, a silicone rod is adhered to your eyelid with a gentle water based glue,” she says. “Your lashes are then sculpted in a sweeping, upward arc that accentuates the natural geometry of your eyes.” Next, the “lifting product” is applied– which normally consists of a two-step solution; a perming cream and neutralizing cream. The solution sits on the lashes for 8 to 14 mins before neutralizing for 7 to 12 minutes. “From there, we tint the lashes,” before removing the silicone rod and finishing with lash protein.

How does it differ from lash extensions?

In comparison to lash extensions, lash lifts are “only using your natural lashes,” she says. “With extensions we would have to add a stronger glue and add individual lashes to your natural lash.” As opposed to false lashes and mascara, “you wake up with your lashes done,” with less maintenance than lash extensions. Additionally, “extensions require touch ups every 2-3 weeks and mascara needs to be cleaned off properly every night,” she says. “We naturally shed lashes every 6-8 weeks so your lift never falls, you just have new lashes that can be lifted.”

What about aftercare?

“You must condition your lashes after a lift,” Imani says, to keep them hydrated. “I suggest not sleeping on your face but this is regardless of if you have a lash lift or not.” As for what to avoid? “Absolutely no lash curlers and no waterproof mascara,” she adds. You should also wait at least 24 hours before getting your lashes wet (so shower before!) And don’t worry, you can still wear your favorite mascara – just buy a new one. “I prefer you use a clean mascara,” she says. To remove eye makeup, use either micellar water or “give your lashes a conditioning treatment and use coconut oil to melt off your mascara.” But note: You should also cleanse after using coconut oil.

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