This Black Father And Daughter Named As Two of The Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) In Law & Justice

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Aspiring Black attorneys face countless barriers to even become qualified practitioners of the law. When a father and daughter duo topple them together, it’s worth noting.

Attorney Zulu Ali and Attorney Whitney Ali were recognized for their contributions and were listed as two of the Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD), Law and Justice Edition.

MIPAD is a global civil society initiative that celebrates high achievers of African descent in public and private sectors from across the globe.

Attorney Whitney Ali & Attorney Zulu Ali
Attorney Whitney Ali & Attorney Zulu Ali

Attorney Zulu Ali and his daughter, Attorney Whitney Ali, own and operate the Law Offices of Zulu Ali & Associates, LLP (, one of the largest Black family-owned law firms in California; and the largest Black-owned in the Inland Empire.

Attorney Zulu Ali drew inspiration from civil rights attorneys Charles Hamilton Houston, Thurgood Marshall, and Avon Williams, Jr. to become an attorney himself, and opened the Law Offices of Zulu Ali in 2007 to help marginalized groups seek justice after being wrongfully accused crimes, being victims of discrimination.

The firm also serves victimsThe Hague, Netherlands and the African Court of Human Rights in Tanzania.

“It is always nice to be recognized for your work,” Attorney Zulu Ali said in a news release. “We face immense scrutiny from courts and others for challenging the system. I am deeply inspired by the late great civil rights attorney Avon Williams who was jailed more than once for not kowtowing to racist courts in the defense of his clients. Being in this fight with my daughter by my side ensures this type of advocacy spirit that was established by great black pioneers of the legal system continues,”

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