These 2 Celebrity Makeup Artists Dominated Paris Fashion Week

What is Paris Fashion Week without glamorous looks? This season, it was made clear that celebrities were giving face just as much as the models. Similar to backstage at the fashion shows, leading makeup artists were responsible for helping major stars get ready for a week of shows and events. This included some of our favorite celebrity looks: from the ‘90s supermodel makeup on Sabrina Elba, by Harold James, to a cooler, silver-toned shadow on Taraji P. Henson, courtesy of  Sheika Daley. 

Other standout moments included the glazed lips and pecan-toned eyes that James painted on Laura Harrier’s canvas ahead of the YSL show. Additionally, he applied Glossier’s new foundation and Rhode’s Lip Tint in Ribbon on Tina Kunakey before she ventured out to see Courreges. As for Daley? Kelly Rowland, Henson, and Issa Rae had her booked and busy. Daley placed extra-long lashes– along with a berry-tinged lip- on Rae for Chloé. Meanwhile, Rowland and Daley made makeup magic: from a thick, winged eyeliner that paired well with her sparkly gown, to luminous skin that complemented Rowland’s wearable bow. Overall? A true gift for the eyes.

Below, find 8 aspirational celebrity beauty looks that Daley and James created during Paris Fashion Week.

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