The Secret Behind Gel-X® Nails

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What’s the secret behind Gel-X®?

The new, most popular nail extension system is the latest industry-leading nail enhancement at the nail salon. Founded by Aprés, a professional nail extension company, Gel-X® is the world’s first soft gel nail extension system. 

As a must-try alternative to traditional acrylics, SNS, and hard gel, Gel-X tips are popular for their cutting edge, innovative technology. From base to tip, material to shape, the soft gel nail extension system is superior in not only appearance, but application and feel. 

So, what’s the big secret behind the soft gel nail extension leading the industry? Read on to find out.

Gel-X® Base

Gel-X® soft gel is known for a thinner base and thicker free edge. This means the nail extension has a more seamless application to your natural nail, with enough durability to last through the month. 

According to the National Library of Medicine (NIH), the average thickness of a natural nail is between 0.481 millimeters and 0.397 millimeters from thumb to pinky nail. The base of the Gel-X extension is a thin 0.15 millimeters which is less than half the thickness of your natural fingernail. 

A traditional acrylic nail is around three millimeters thick. The base of a Gel-X nail extension is 20 times thinner than an acrylic, so your nail tech will not have to file the base to appear more natural. Because of this, it is easier for soft gel to have a more natural, realistic appearance as opposed to the fake nails you may be familiar with.

Gel-X® Tip

As you follow from base to tip, you may notice the nail extension gradually becomes more thick. The Gel-X® extension is designed to grow from 0.15 millimeters to 0.75 millimeters which is important, especially for longer nails.

Other nail extensions, like traditional acrylics, are known for their thick, durabile features. The more thick free edge for Gel-X nails (but still thinner in comparison) adds durability for longer-lasting nails. The structure of the soft gel is integral not only in the appearance, but the function of the extension system.

Gel-X® Material, Weight

If you have visited a nail salon, you know about gel polish. Just as normal polish, gel polish is painted directly onto the nail to add color to your manicure, except gel is cured under a UV light. Gel polish is also the formula behind Gel-X® nail extensions. 

Soft gel, a formula of acrylic monomers and oligomers, is the material behind Gel-X. Until the cutting edge formula founded by Aprés, soft gel was too soft to extend into longer nails. Gel-X is popular for the formula, but also the ability to soak off the extension like gel polish — with acetone and without drills.

The soft material of Gel-X is attributed to the lightweight feel of the nail enhancement. Other extensions, defined by their heavy, thick appearance, outweigh Gel-X which feels no heavier than your natural nail. 

Gel-X® Style, Shape, Length

The most important cosmetic impact of nail extensions is the appearance. Other than the natural quality of the extension, Gel-X® is available in a range of styles, shapes, and lengths. The shape of your nail is no longer left to just the skill of your nail tech.

Aprés Gel-X® offers pre-shaped nail extensions for a file-free manicure. From an extra-long coffin shape to extra-short stiletto claw, Aprés has an extended range of extensions to select from. Each tip is also available in half sizes for more accurate sizing before your manicure is applied. 

Gel-X® Application

Extend Gel, the adhesive used to apply Gel-X®, is the foundation Aprés was built on. The signature gel is the glue between your nail and the soft gel extension. When applied, the gel imparts strength and flexibility for long-lasting nails, which are easy to soak off and remove. 

Their range of Extend Gel formulas, from novice and professional, to color, prep, and builder gel, is the secret behind Gel-X® nails. Try Gel-X at your next nail appointment for the most updated, functional approach to nail care.

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