The Best Ceramide Skincare Products to Give Your Skin Extra Moisture

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During the winter season, the harsh, cold, outdoor temperatures mixed with the dryness of the indoor heating systems can often strip our skin of its natural moisture. Additionally, if we’re not using hydration-focused products, this can also make things worse– leading our skin to further dryness. Furthermore, if you are currently experiencing dry, flaky or irritated skin during this time, it could be because your skin lacks sufficient ceramides, which are essential to boosting hydration levels in the skin.

“Ceramides are naturally occurring molecules in our skin that play an essential role in keeping the skin barrier structurally intact and hydrated,” Dr. Lori Aliksanian, a dermatologist and founder of MedBeautyLA, tells ESSENCE. “Ceramides participate in collagen production stimulation and protect the skin from free radical damage, which means that ceramides can prevent signs of skin aging.” 

Dr. Aliksanian also shares which skin types are more susceptible to a lower ratio of ceramides. “While everyone’s skin contains ceramides, studies have shown that patients with skin conditions” such as Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis, “have an abnormally low ratio of ceramides in their skin,” Dr. Aliksanian says. “This makes these patients prone to dryness, cracking, itching and overall more prone to having a compromised skin barrier.”

All skin types can benefit from ceramide creams for boosting hydration and are generally free of side effects. As Dr. Aliksanian says, “they are non irritating to the skin and very well tolerated as long as there aren’t additional chemicals or fragrances added to the formulation.”

Lucky for you, there are plenty of ceramide-enriched skincare products available on the market, formulated to moisturize dry skin. Below you’ll find some of the best ceramide skincare products that can help hydrate your skin: everything from an avocado-infused serum to a do-it-all moisture with snow mushroom in it.

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