The 5 Keys To A Multi-Step Hair Care Routine

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Are you trying to find a new hair care routine that works for your coils? Having a go-to one that actually works is a great way to not only slow down and show yourself some self-love, but to also strengthen the health of your hair. Hair stylist Dhairius Thomas echoes this sentiment. “A hair care regimen is beneficial to promote healthy hair growth, scalp nourishment, and prevent hair loss,” he tells ESSENCE.

Many others are also beginning to embrace a multi-step routine that nourishes all parts of their strands. For example, according to BoF, serum for the scalp is seeing growing interest with 15.7 percent annual search growth while beauty brands like Mielle Organics remain a best-seller in the beauty industry. But, regardless of what you see going viral on TikTok, “my advice is to pay attention to your hair’s health and do what works best for you, not what’s trending,” Thomas says.

With that in mind, below, Dhairius Thomas takes us through his top five tips for creating a sustainable hair care routine– as well as his favorite products to use along the way.

Maintain a healthy diet

“The key to a multi-step hair care routine is starting with a healthy diet, taking vitamins, and staying hydrated. Having great health plays a huge part in healthy hair. It’s also important to know the condition of your health, because hair loss can be a sign of something much bigger.”

Start with a clarifying shampoo

“The next step is to always start with a clarifying shampoo to remove any build up or silicones on the hair,” Thomas says. “This step provides a great base to add moisture.” He recommends you start with a fortifying shampoo– like the Cécred Clarifying Shampoo– as your “skin care” for the scalp; cleansing and prepping your hair for the next steps.

Use a hair mask

“My top tip for healthy hair is to get your trims on time and that hydrating masks and deep conditioners should replace your regular conditioner,” hair stylist Nigella Miller told ESSENCE in our In The Chair series. And Thomas agrees, recommending you hydrate your hair with a hair mask to penetrate your coils and lock in moisture for longer.

Go in with a leave-in conditioner

More than just shampoo and conditioner, a leave-in conditioner can help your hair knot less in. This step can all help to protect it from damage and add extra moisture for high porosity hair. It is also important to note: just because your hair is coily does not mean the strands can’t be fine. For that, Thomas recommends Carol’s Daughter’s Leave-In Milk. Otherwise, a regular leave-in cream will work as the fourth step.

Finish with an oil 

No explanation needed. “Finish with the holy grail,” Thomas says. Whether you prefer the Carol’s Daughter 7 Oil Blend Scalp & Hair Oil or Mielle Rosemary Oil, “I love to finish with oil for shine. The nozzle allows me to reach the scalp when in protective styles.”

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