Savannah James’ Stylist Debunks Rumor That She Won’t Take Pictures With Male Fans

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There was a narrative trending this week around a claim that Savannah James, wife to LeBron, only takes pictures with female fans and avoids the male ones. The entrepreneur and mother stayed mute about the rumors, as usual, but her stylist, Casey Billingsley, who goes by ICONTips, decided to clear the air expeditiously. 

“Let’s not be weird this year guys. Preciate it!” he wrote in a social media post.

“Also let’s DEAD THIS. That’s me walking behind her in this clip.” The stylist said, referring to a clip that has been doing its rounds on social media that ignited the rumors to begin with. “As you can see the 2 male fans legit came up to her with their cameras already out & in her face attempting to film her as she was walking to see a friend. They didn’t ask to take a pic. Savannah is nice to everyone,” he wrote.

In terms of what started the ruckus, Savannah, 37, went to watch her husband, Lakers star LeBron James, play against the Boston Celtics on Christmas day. During the game, fans apparently came to the conclusion that she only took photos with women. This had fans speculating about whether this was intentional and she was avoiding pictures with men for some reason. 

It did sound like a far-fetched rumor seeing as she comes across as warm and personable. The mom of three met LeBron in high school and has been married to the NBA great since 2013. Despite being married to a superstar, she hasn’t spent much time doing media runs and talking to the press. In a rare interview with The Cut, she explained she’s been out of the limelight to focus on raising her children and being a supportive wife. 

That said, in an exclusive interview with ESSENCE, the fashionable beauty said now that her kids are older, she’s ready to put herself out there.

“I don’t feel like I have to be a helicopter mom per se and I’m able to go out and just act on my passions and to put my foot out into new things that interest me,” she told us last year. “So I think that it’s mostly that, just knowing that the groundwork has been laid and I feel good about the position that I’ve left them in. So I feel comfortable with seeing where my passions are able to take me.”

The share LeBron “Bronny” James Jr., 19, Bryce, 16, and Zhuri, 9, together. 

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