Cowiewie Baby Bassinets,Bedside Sleeper for Baby/Infants/Newborn with Storage Basket,Easy to Assemble & Adjustable Bedside Crib,Safe Portable Baby Bed,Travel Bag Included


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A bassinet is designed to stand alone so where you put it in your room is entirely up to you. You can park it up right close to your bed for convenience and closeness, versus a co-sleeper.


baby Bassinet mattress bassinet bassinet bassinet

The design of a bassinet creates a cozy comforting space for your baby.

bedside sleeper bassinets

Cowiewie bassinet the most stable △ structure to take care of your baby!

The Triangle is recognized as the most stable structure in the world!

As we all know, babies spend most of their time sleeping. Therefore, you need to make sure that your baby sleeps comfortably.

Often, parents find it challenging to decide which sleeping arrangement to go for. Many parents start with a bassinet for their new baby as a safe and comfortable place for them to sleep while they’re little. Cowiewie bassinet is a kind of bed designed especially for a newborn who is 0 – 8 months old, giving the child absolute joy and comfort.

Experts recommend your baby sleep in the same room as you for the first six months of their life. And one of the safest ways to do this is by using a bedside crib.

Easily portable- When there is a newborn baby in the house, it’s great being able to move the sleeping space around the house so that you can keep your baby close to you and keep an eye on them whatever you’re doing and in all rooms of the house. Cowiewie bassinet also great for travelling with your baby. You can take a travel baby bassinet with you anywhere and it will be a safe and familiar place for your baby to sleep when you’re visiting other places away from home. Bassinets are lighter in weight and with brake wheel. therefore, you can quickly move them from one place to another according to your needs and preferences which can be very handy as you go about your day at home with your baby.Storage System- Cowiewie bassinets feature storage systems where you can keep baby essentials, such as diapers/nappies, spare clothes, and other essentials that you might need to keep baby essential near your arms reach.Two sides of breathable mesh ensure maximum breathability and allows parents to check on their baby all the time.

Cowiewie will keep your baby safe and comfortable not only while they sleep but throughout their day too.

1 1 1 1 1 Easy to Carry

When visiting family or going on holiday, ensuring the baby is in a familiar environment.

1 Baby Bedside Sleeper 2 Stable Structure 3 Multi-Function 4 Convenience 5 Light & Portable

A physical closeness to your baby and the ability to nurture that bond.

The AAP advises that babies should sleep in the same room as their parents for at least 12 months, and if you want to share a sleeping space with your baby, co-sleepers are recommended over bed-sharing.

The convenience of not having to get out of bed to soothe, or for breastfeeding moms, to feed your baby.It is a godsend for any mother who is recovering from a c-section, where getting out of bed on your own is virtually impossible.It is always conducive to a good night’s sleep. 11

is this portable travel type?

Yes. it folds nicely and fits behind seat in car and fits in the trunk also.It’s easy enough to take on a road trip, grandma’s house, the park , etc.

Is this tall enough to use beside the bed for nighttime feedings?

It is 5 Levels adjustable and prevents baby vomit of milk design. I don’t have to get up and bend over to reach the baby.

Does this meet all guidelines for safe sleeping for baby?

Absolutely!The sides are breathable mesh with no pieces that baby can remove on accident.And studies have shown that the longer babies sleep in a bassinet/crib in their parents’ room,the lower the risk of SIDS and the higher their developmental rate.

Does this contain any PFAs?

Cowiewie Bassinet meets the necessary safety standards set by the JPMA, ASTM, and CPSC and has been rigorously tested to ensure its safety for use with babies. Additionally, it is free of flame retardants and toxic or harmful chemicals.

Is it possible to move from one room to another?

Yes, It has four universal wheels with brakes, so you can move around the house.

IDEAL FOR NIGHT FEEDINGS – The crib side bassinet has a zippered design on the side that can be easily opened to help moms take better care of their babies. At the same time, the mesh structure provides plenty of breathability and visibility for baby and keeps an eye on baby’s status. Keep your baby as close to you as possible while sleeping in their own comfortable room Especially for any mom who is breastfeeding or had a c-section, it is truly a sleep saver and quality of life enhancer.
Adjustable height and angle – With 5 height adjustments our crib side bed is ideal for adapting to more use scenarios. Suitable for a variety of sofas, beds or other places. Give your baby the utmost care and protection. The newborn bedside bassinet also has a practical design that allows you to adjust the angle after feeding your baby to prevent spitting up. The large storage basket makes it easy to store and access baby’s diapers, bottles, toys, blankets, etc.
RELIABLE AND BABY FRIENDLY CONSTRUCTION – The baby portable bassinet features a tool-free set-up and freestanding design, lightweight yet sturdy premium thick aircraft aluminum alloy frame that is strong and durable. Rounded corners are designed to prevent scratches and injuries. Stands firm when ready to nurse, breastfeed or feed. Comfortable mattress with sleeping board, the fabric is very soft and non-irritating conducive to healthy newborn growth. We always put the safety of the baby first.
Great for visiting grandparents – Lightweight portable design structure is easy to carry on the go, disassembles and folds in minutes for easy transport and storage, bassinet and pad can be easily removed and cleaned, machine washable. It folds down to a compact size and comes with a storage pouch for easy travel. Four wheels make it easy to move the cradle around, making it convenient to use as a portable cradle during the day. It is very easy to use.

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Cowiewie Baby Bassinets,Bedside Sleeper for Baby/Infants/Newborn with Storage Basket,Easy to Assemble & Adjustable Bedside Crib,Safe Portable Baby Bed,Travel Bag Included
Cowiewie Baby Bassinets,Bedside Sleeper for Baby/Infants/Newborn with Storage Basket,Easy to Assemble & Adjustable Bedside Crib,Safe Portable Baby Bed,Travel Bag Included


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