Morning Dates Are In: Here’s All You Need To Know About Dawn Dating


Morning people rejoiced because of the newest dating trend, “Dawn Dating.” Dawn Dating is a trendy name for going on a morning date. 

The dating app Badoo found that 51 percent of its users have been on a morning date recently (or are curious about it), and 71 percent would be flattered and impressed if their crush asked them to go on a date in the morning. The concept is appealing for several reasons, like being present and fully engaged during the date, being removed from end-of-day fatigue or pesky responsibilities, or having the chance to have the rest of the day for yourself. Badoo surveyed 1,000 singles and found that respondents preferred a morning date because they didn’t have to sacrifice their social life or change evening plans with friends. 

The dating app also reported that there has been a rise in morning dates as opposed to evening dates. They found that 51% of singles have been on a date before 10 a.m. or are interested in going on one – ushering in a new dating era. Additionally, 37 percent of respondents felt like they got to know their morning date on a deeper level by using the dawn dating technique, as morning dates tend to carry fewer expectations regarding intimacy and sex than evening dates. The fewer expectations on the date naturally lead to comfortability and organic connection without the added pressure or stress. Also, for people who are trying to wean themselves off of alcohol, a morning date could be a viable option. According to the survey, 43 percent of respondents were relieved not to have the option of drinking alcohol while dating and being sober during the actual date. However, if you’re on the fence about trying dawn dating this year, consider some of its benefits because you’re not a morning person. 

You can add time back to your day: The benefit of waking up early is that it adds time to your overall day. If you decide to go on a date in the morning, you won’t cause any rupture to your evening schedule, which can affect your social life with other loved ones. 

You can relax after a busy work day: Most times, after a long day at work, dating can be challenging to do during the weekday. Dawn dating allows you to pencil in an outing when it’s convenient for you, during the most opportune time, in the morning, when you have enough energy to get to know someone. 

It’s more affordable: Dating can be difficult and expensive. Dawn dating helps you save money by doing relatively free and cost-effective date ideas like a morning walk, coffee, or breakfast instead of a dinner date, which usually includes a high-priced dinner, cocktails, and some form of entertainment. 

You can learn more about a person: By going on dates in the morning, you can see the person for who they are, including their habits. You’ll be able to discern if they are a morning person, love to work out, or are constantly hungover. Dawn dating helps determine if this person is someone you want in your orbit.

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