I Tried Floatation Therapy – Here’s How It Went

From laser acne treatments to cupping therapy, I’m constantly searching for the most effective wellness treatments. As a writer, I spend most of my time at home. That said, booking treatments is a great way to get out of my apartment. And, not only that, a lot of the time, I am reducing stress and pain.

Last year, my boyfriend surprised me with my first floatation therapy session at Lift in Brooklyn. After an hour-long session, I left feeling cleansed. I felt weightless– both energetically and physically– as we walked down the street and into the train station. Since then, I’ve been on the search for a location closer to my home for a more frequent float. Last week, I was finally able to book my second floatation therapy session at om.life Wellness Spa in New Jersey.

After being welcomed by the front desk staff, I took off my pumps and put on spa slippers. I was then offered tea and water before my session. I sipped gratefully, surrounded by the smell of burning incense. When I was ready, the staff member invited me into the floatation room. Then, I stepped into the tank filled with almost a foot of water and purple lights. I laid down and floated. Similar to other floatation spas, they had earplugs to prevent water from entering your ears, a shower to rinse off before your float, and dim lights.

Floating in a sensory deprivation tank may sound anxiety-inducing to some. But, it is quite the opposite. Floatation therapy allows you to float in a tank of epsom salt and water heated to the temperature of your skin. You can adjust the light and music settings in the tank for complete sensory deprivation. Of course, you can also opt for floating in silence and darkness. As a result? Floatation helps your body detox, reduce stress, aches, migraines, and can even improve sleep. Not only a wellness treatment, having my afro submerged in salt water feels like a hair care treatment as well. I leave with a cleansed scalp and more defined curls.

It’s safe to say that floatation therapy is my new go-to wellness practice. Taking an hour out of my week to disconnect from daily stressors has been extremely beneficial for my health. Floating in a deprivation tank allows time to be present and just exist. I can move slowly and take my time (a rare feeling in NYC.) So next time you need to take a beat, let floatation therapy help you out. You know you deserve it.

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