I Tried A 30-Minute Glowbar Facial– Here’s How It Went

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I absolutely love getting facials. However, they can be quite time-consuming. Because I’m usually running errands all day, I often have to put off getting pampered until after work. Whenever my girlfriends ask me for recommendations on quick and affordable places to get facials, I have to do a lot of research to find the right spots.

After doing a little research and discovering Glowbar, I found out that it’s a facial bar where you can get a customized 30-minute facial. Now I can relax and achieve luminous skin even amidst a busy schedule.

Learn more about my experience at Glowbar below. 

What is Glowbar?

Glowbar is a facial bar that offers customized facial treatments in just 30 minutes, making it the perfect spot for busy individuals who want to get pampered during their lunch break. The bar is a new establishment that has recently opened and features licensed estheticians who can help you achieve your skincare goals. They offer facial treatment plans without add-ons and provide instant glow to your skin.

What’s great about this place is that you can become a member for just $55 per month. To be a member, you need to commit for at least four months so you can see results. Once you’re a member, you can book appointments anytime within the month.

The Skin Prep

When I arrived at the facial bar, I checked in and was led to a wooden sink where I washed my face with iS CLINICAL Cleansing Complex. Afterwards, I waited in a small waiting room for the licensed esthetician to call my name. The esthetician asked about my skincare goals, which were to achieve a natural glow and reduce hyperpigmentation. She then discussed how we could achieve these goals in just 30 minutes.

The Session

Earlier, I mentioned that the facial I received lasted for half an hour. The esthetician began by applying a hydrating mask that had a pleasant pumpkin scent, which reminded me of fall and made me crave a pumpkin spice latte. After leaving the mask on for a few minutes, she performed a dermaplaning procedure to treat my acne scars. The third step involved extraction, which was necessary for my very oily skin that had a lot of blackheads on my nose. For the fourth step, the esthetician used a high-frequency electrical current to heal my skin and then applied a facial oil. 

Finally, I underwent a LED light therapy to help my skin heal, which was the last step of the process. After finishing my facial, she used a hot towel to dry my face. Next, she applied a moisturizer and SPF that gave my skin a glossy finish. She also made sure my lips were not dry by applying a lip balm.

The Results

After the facial, my skin was glowing. Since I’m active at the gym, my esthetician recommended that I should not workout for 24 hours. I didn’t have any redness or inflammation walking out at the end of treatment.

As someone who is always on the go, this facial treatment is perfect for me as it can be squeezed into my busy schedule. Whether I need a quick treat before attending an event or simply want to pamper myself and look so good that I can’t stop admiring myself in the mirror, I am signing up for a membership right away.

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