How To Manifest A Positive Fashion Week With Color Theory

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New York Fashion Week is seen by many as bustling and chaotic, but even more as of late. The jam-packed week tends to start quite tense with events, parties, and mixers, and somehow one or two things going wrong. When running back and forth from one show to the next as a buyer, editor, or writer or traveling throughout the city for different tasks burnout can pop up when you least expect it.

From the outside, NYFW looks so full of glamour with influencers posting their day-to-day of getting their hair and makeup done, and sitting front row of runway presentations and post-show parties with A-list celebrities. At times, it can be quite the opposite. Teams often work through the night to ensure a smooth show, or editors and writers stop by a cafe to quickly write a review of one show only to run to the next when done.

That’s why we spoke with astrologist and psychic Amber Finney a.k.a., Amber the Conduit, about how to manifest a positive and memorable Fashion Week through winter colors. Below Finney divulges details on manifestation and how fashion combined with color theory can assist with productivity and energy levels throughout New York Fashion Week.

Blue For Productivity

How To Manifest A Productive Fashion Week Through Colors
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Finney is a firm believer in style with intention. She uses color theory as an essential part of her getting dressed process. “During fashion week we have editors, influencers and content creators all communing together under the spirit of glamour and with lots of posting, reporting, and storytelling, I definitely suggest throwing something blue in the mix,” Finney tells According to Finney, the color blue activates the throat chakra and enhances communication skills to help with networking at fashion events and making valuable connections. “It’s also ideal for writers and reporters who are turning out articles with a quick turnaround. Blue is going to keep your words and thoughts flowing.”

Evoke Success With Accessories

How To Manifest A Productive Fashion Week Through Colors
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If you’re yearning for a successful week where you’re surrounded by established individuals, accessories are the answer. Whatever color you feel best in will be the color that evokes the most confidence. Think about your Venus sign and coordinate with your intention. For instance, Finney is an Aquarius Venus and Aquarian energy rules the feet and ankles, so she would base her outfits around a statement shoe. “Think deeply about the energy you want to channel, consult your higher self, and top into that innovative energy.” If you’re a big jewelry wearer, Finney suggests looking into your planetary rulings of the fingers. “If this fashion week you’re trying to secure some deals and coins, wear rings on your Jupiter finger which is your index finger, gold jewelry especially.”

Stay Grounded In Red And Brown Tones

How To Manifest A Productive Fashion Week Through Colors
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The chaos of the week tends to get to the fashion girls but Finney suggests a deep hue of red to keep you feeling powerful and grounded as it is associated with the root chakra. “One of the colors I predicted last season for the winter season was oxblood, that’s an ideal color to incorporate into your look this season.” Rich brown tones are also helpful with feeling grounded, they invoke feelings of safety and security, according to Finney. Yellow can also be a great color for feeling confident, Finney suggests looking at your Venus sign to incorporate a color of confidence customized to you. This will make you feel the most like yourself. “ Though fashion is always here for the spectacle, I’m a firm believer that authenticity wins. Be fly, but in a way that’s most true to self,” Finney adds.

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