How To Keep Skin Hydrated And Protected In The Cold – According To Dermatologists

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“External and environmental factors play an important role in skin hydration,” says dermatologist and founder of Tone Dermatology, Dr. Caroline Robinson. That said, in the cooler months, dermatologists recommend you change how you care for your skin. In other words: it’s time to prioritize hydration.

Studies suggest that melanin-rich skin is more prone to dryness. This is because of a lower ceramide content and trans-epidermal water loss. Because of this, you may notice dryer skin, and in more severe cases, eczema.

Additionally, the skin is exposed to extreme temperature shifts thanks to the cold temperatures outside and the dry heat inside. “These temperature shifts can make it more difficult for the skin to hold on to hydration,” Dr. Robinson shares.

From adjusting how you shower and what you eat, to finding the right moisturizer, experts are here to help you protect your skin against this season’s harsh weather. Below, Dr. Robinson and Dermatologist GlamDerm Dermatologist and Dove Men+Care partner, Dr. Elyse Love share their expertise.

Lower your shower temperature

“It’s important to minimize trans epidermal water loss. This will include avoiding hot showers, keeping showers to less than 10 minutes, and applying a high-quality moisturizer after the shower,” Dr. Love says. Dr. Robinson agrees. Because hot showers can strip the skin of natural oils, “stick to lukewarm water and fragrance-free products.”

“Whether you like to shower in the morning or night, make sure you apply moisturizers,” such as the new Vaseline Radiant X Deep Nourishment Body Cream, “within two minutes after your shower to lock in hydration,” Dr. Robinson says.

When it comes to the face, Dr. Love recommends washing twice a day. “Like the body, it’s important to use a gentle cleanser for the face. Cleansing should always be followed by a high-quality moisturizer. Those with drier skin should stick to thicker creams, while those with oily skin may prefer a lotion even in the wintertime.”

Eat vitamin-rich foods 

“It’s important to maintain a healthy diet for skin health,” because, contrary to popular belief, “drinking lots of water will not hydrate the skin.” Dr. Love says.

“Outside of your skincare routine, I recommend consuming whole foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Staying healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will definitely show throughout your body and skin,” Dr. Robinson adds.

Use a humidifier

Adding a humidifier to your environment can decrease water loss,” Dr. Love says. Not only that, “a humidifier can add water back to the drier air that is common during this time,” Dr. Robinson says.

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