How To Do A Couples’ Workout Like Ludacris And Eudoxie

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Longtime couple Ludacris and his wife Eudoxie Bridges are giving people hope — and the motivation to work out together. The two posted a video, which is doing its rounds on social media, of them exercising together and exchanging kisses between sets.

Both the rapper and the non-profit owner posted a workout video on their respective Instagram pages. 

“My accountability partner! I set some goals at the start of the year in front of a lot of people 🙄and who better than my husband to hold me accountable for those goals. Haha love working out with him!” Eudoxie wrote in a caption under the post.

Under her post, the “Act A Fool” rapper teased his wife asking, “Think we can do this more than once a week? 🤣🤣🤣”

He also posted the same video on his instagram page with a different caption. 

“Stronger Together, Inside & Outside The Gym 💪🏾 My SwoleMate,” his caption read. 

Euxodie replied to her husband’s post saying, “Hahaha you were messing up my concentration but at the same time the best workout partner.”

The fit couple have been married since December 2014, making this year a decade as husband and wife. Fun fact: They got engaged and married on the same day. That said, Ludacris met the Gabon native in 2008 at LudaDay–the annual fundraising event he’s been hosting since 2005.

The two currently have a blended family that consists of two daughters Ludacris has from previous relationships and two children they had together as a couple. Their daughter, Cadence Gaëlle was born on June 4, 2015 while they welcomed their second daughter, Chance Oyali, on July 28, 2021.

Back to their workout, squats were a huge part of the couple’s movements. Here are the five exercises that stood out during their sweet session that you can do for your own his and her workout:

Jump Squats

This high-intensity movement involves squatting down with your arms above your knees, then driving your arms up and jumping in the air, landing back in a squat.

Alternating Lunge With Dumbbells

You can always do this move without weights, which was Eudoxie’s preferred method. Standing with your legs apart, you step forward, driving your knee downward while keeping your chest up. Once you’re in a lunge with your opposite knee close to the ground, step back up and alternate legs.

Front Squat With Barbell

Euodixe’s variation on this involves putting the barbell (with no weights on it) under your chin close to the shoulders with arms straight out. As her palms faced each other, and with her hubby helping to hold the bar and giving her kisses, she squatted down before straightening her legs and standing up.

Barbell Squat

For this squat, with the barbell (no weights for Eudoxie) at the top part of your back, the key is to keep the chest lifted as you squat down, keeping your heels, which you sit back in, on the floor, elbows tucked as you brace your core. Kisses are also optional here!

Alternating Jump Lunges

You previously were given instruction on how to do a regular lunge. Turn things up by adding a jump! Once you make that jump, quickly switch feet. So in layman’s terms, as you jump in the air off of your right foot, land into a lunge on your left foot. Use your arms to help you as you leap, as the Bridges did.

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