How Diotima’s Rachel Scott Prepares For New York Fashion Week


Diotima, a ready-to-wear line, is largely known for how it centers Caribbean artisanal processes. Rachel Scott, the designer behind the brand initially branched out from previous design roles amid the pandemic to create something that feels authentic to her, especially as a Jamaican woman. The knitwear pieces she designs are handcrafted by Jamaican artisans. Each piece whether they are spider web tops, minimalistic trousers with knit appliqués or smart jackets ideal for office wear is an example of Scott’s knack for flipping fabrics and ideas into memorable garments. These garments have become a mainstay in the luxury fashion industry, especially in New York City. Now a few seasons in, Scott has found her stride and a bevy of fashionable fans and customers who support her.

Ahead of the ultra-busy and all-encompassing New York Fashion Week, Scott aims to take some time to clear her head a bit. Since this earlier season that serves as a precursor for September can often bring on stress, she expresses that she turns to her favorite films to reset before tasks for Diotima take over her schedule. The designer shares that she also enjoys listening to reggae from years back by Vybz Kartel to prepare for the wacky hours that lead up to a presentation.

Below we catch up with Diotima’s Rachel Scott to discuss what she leans on ahead of New York Fashion Week which includes self-care, music, and more. As NYFW approaches, are you taking any specific steps to prepare your skin for the upcoming stress, or do you plan to indulge in a spa day?

Rachel Scott: I quite honestly never have the time to prep my skin specifically for fashion week, but this season I flew to Los Angeles for the 15 Percent Pledge Gala and ended up with a day of downtime. Someone kindly gifted me a facial while I was there and it was a real treat.

Are there any non-fashion-related activities or hobbies you indulge in to take your mind off the upcoming Fashion Week?

Fashion Week is all-consuming! If I’m lucky I get to eat a meal at home and go to acupuncture and/or pilates.

Is there a specific TV series or film that you find yourself drawn to as a means of resetting before the hustle and bustle of NYFW?

I’m not a TV person, but I love film. I recently have been rewatching Dancehall Queen on my phone in bits while on the subway.

Amidst the chaos of preparing for NYFW, what strategies or practices help you stay grounded and focused? 

Keep the laughter going. It’s grounding and gives perspective amidst the inevitable fashion week chaos.

Do you have a go-to uniform or outfit that you wear during NYFW to avoid overthinking and streamline your focus?

I usually go for the most comfortable. In the summer I wear a mesh dress with sneakers, and this winter I’ve been wearing a prototype of a Merino sweater for FW24 and a pleated skirt from PF23.

How Diotima’s Rachel Scott Preps For New York Fashion Week

Are you someone who believes in incorporating superstitious rituals to ensure a smooth and successful Fashion Week?

Absolutely. I will pour some white rum out to dispel negative spirits, I will read my horoscope, and sometimes I will do a ritual with a friend Henry Zankov of Zankov where we write wishes on a small piece of paper, burn it, then drink it down with a glass of champagne.

When you’re seeking inspiration, what genre or type of music do you typically turn to? Name a song. 

It depends what mood I am in, but some 90’s Lady Saw, or old Vybz Kartel always gives me energy in the days before Fashion Week. “Come Home” by Vybz Kartel is a favourite.

What is the most thoughtful or kindest gesture you do for yourself and your team after the whirlwind of NYFW has concluded? 

For myself, finding the time to sleep and exercise are the kindest things I can do for myself. For my team, having a moment to celebrate what we’ve achieved together. Last November, we had our first family dinner which was so special.

If you could dress any historical Black figure or fictional character for Fashion Week, who would it be and why?

I’m not so into fictional characters, there are so many incredible figures in the real world. Grace Jones is a dream. No explanation needed.

Can you share a quirky or unusual source of inspiration that influenced your collection for this Fashion Week? 

Without giving away too much, I kept thinking to that moment at the end of a long night out, before going home, at the crack of dawn

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