Here’s How You Can Get Stacked Legs Like Tracee Ellis Ross


Our January/February cover star is such a stunner. American Fiction actress Tracee Ellis Ross takes her workouts seriously because they bring her immense joy.

Unlike many other celebrities, Ross doesn’t just go to the gym but uses her beloved Tracy Anderson method. The Tracey Anderson method workouts are based on repetitive movements and body resistance, with several goals in mind: tightening up your abs, firming your arms, or tone up your thighs. Since suffering from a knee injury in 2012, she’s adopted the method, and we’ve seen the results on Instagram. In 2017, Ross told POPSUGAR, “I love sweating; it’s one of the ways that I process everything that goes on during the week and move it through my body.” She continued, “I’m incredibly competitive and I like to compete with myself and get better at things and do them correctly — that really works in the Tracy Anderson Method.”

It’s no secret, that the method is how she gets her gorgeously toned legs. 

Her Tracy Anderson method routine includes a lot of glute work, squats, standing glute kickbacks, and side kicks, all fitness exercises are done with a wooden box that’s part of Anderson’s MyMode program setup. The dance-based cardio and resistance-training classes usually take place in a hot room, making you sweat out all the toxins or carbs that may be in your body. Additionally, Anderson and her instructors, provide no verbal instruction throughout, and usually encourages their students to follow along with visual cues, vibes, and music.

Check out several of Ross’s favorite Anderson workouts below so you can try them yourself to tone up your legs!

Dancing and Weight Lifting: 

Leg Lifts: 

Pushing Weights: 

Stretching And Dancing With Weights: 

Leg Lifts And Lunges: 

Mini Stairmaster, Squats, Pelvic Thrusts: 

Battle Ropes: 

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