Here’s How Fitness Microdosing Makes Daily Movement Easier


Now that the excitement of the “new year, new me” phase in January has worn off, many find it challenging to maintain a steady exercise routine, especially if juggling multiple responsibilities. 

Busy people everywhere are rejoicing because a new fitness trend is emerging, “microdosing.” Traditionally, the term means taking small doses of psychedelics to help manage pain or enhance one’s holistic well-being. Still, the concept can be applied to our daily lives, including fitness routines. Microdosing has become increasingly popular for people with hectic and unpredictable schedules to stay active.

Essentially, the key to making this trend work for you and your schedule is to incorporate micro-movements of fitness throughout the day instead of working out for a long time. So instead of working out over an hour or two, you could try five minutes of movement, a 20-minute power walk during your lunch break, or knock out your abs and lunges sequences while watching your favorite movie. Incorporating moderate-intensity exercises in small but consistent bursts can be highly effective and boast meaningful health benefits in the long run. 

So, how can you start fitness microdosing? 

It’s pretty simple: stick to a fitness circuit routine of your liking outside of your usual fitness classes (HiTT, pilates, and yoga), and schedule 10-20 minutes throughout your day to get it done. However, to ensure you’re reaching your daily fitness goals, the CDC recommends that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, 75 minutes of intense training, or a combination per week. To ensure you squeeze mini workouts into your schedule, you should identify holes in your schedule first, think of when you usually sit or stand throughout the day, and incorporate some intentional movement that can be done throughout any time of the day and just about anywhere.

When approaching this microdosing fitness trend, be sure not to put pressure on yourself. Instead, think of movements that involve anything to get your heart pumping; there is no need to complicate things. Consider brisk walks around the neighborhood, stretch breaks, short cardio bursts, or even household chores, so whenever you have a brief window, you’ll know how to fill it with intentional and helpful exercise. 

What if you work in an office without a gym or limited space or can’t bring your workout clothes? You should establish a workout routine or exercises that can be performed in everyday clothing that you can do without access to traditional workout equipment. Pro-tip: do light body-weight movements, mat pilates, or leverage a portable walking treadmill if you work at home. However you decide to do the microdosing fitness trend, be sure to track your progress, as it’ll help you continue to grow and improve in your practice. Although it may not be for everyone, fitness microdosing can work if you cannot do a traditional workout but want to opt for shorter sequences of movements that are fun, enjoyable, and easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.

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