Elisa Johnson On Effortless Beauty And Positive Self-Talk

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File Elisa Johnson’s name under the term “it-girl.” Not only does she run a perfectly curated eyewear brand, but her chic beauty style will also make you do a double take. Consider adding her striking bob and baby bangs or blushy cheek and glossy lip combo to your beauty inspo board. “I love effortless beauty. Simple and elegant looks are my favorites,” the Los Angeles native tells ESSENCE over the phone after touching down in New York for her pre-NYFW dinner party at MAMO.

The romantic evening– which was filled with guests like Lori Harvey and Samaria Leah who  mingled over a hum of Amapiano music while eating delicious pasta– celebrated her latest Valentine’s Day drop, REIGHNE, in Gloss Red. 

And when it came to getting ready for the big night, Johnson opted for a classic, cinematic beauty look that perfectly complemented her red, backless dress. This included sculptural blush, a smoky eye, and lined lips. “I can’t live without my chestnut liner from MAC,” paired with the Fenty Gloss Bomb, of course. “If I don’t have my liner on me, I either go back home and get it or the night is ruined.” Additionally, Johnson is still keeping the bob era going. “I’m very specific about my bangs. They have to be a few inches above my eyebrows.”

Elisa Johnson On Effortless Beauty And Positive Self-Talk
Elisa Johnson

As for self-care during busy times like these, Johnson says she keeps it very simple. When traveling, “I lean heavily on my 3-step skincare routine,” which includes cleansing, toning, and moisturizing to maintain her glowing skin. “I always wrap my hair in a scarf at night, too.” Her regular maintenance is of great importance, too. “Every few weeks I get my nails done, every month I get a facial, and every week I get my lashes done.”

But beyond the products, her greatest self-love secret of all is making an effort to speak to herself with kindness. “I struggle with negative self-talk sometimes. But I try to remind myself that your opinion about yourself is what matters most,” she says. “Don’t worry too much about what others are doing. You’re in a lane of your own, so don’t waste energy comparing.”

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