Elevate Your Beauty Routine With These Winter Makeup Trends

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As January marks the beginning of a new year, many people take this opportunity to set intentions and embark on new hobbies. That said, the world of makeup is no exception. This month provides a fresh start for the beauty girls to explore and experiment with different makeup trends– allowing them to express their creativity and enhance their personal style.

Exploring new makeup trends in January offers the opportunity to infuse winter-inspired looks into your routine. With colder temperatures, makeup lovers can experiment with styles they might typically shy away from. Consider introducing touches of pink to your cheeks, adapting the color scheme to the winter months for a fresh and fun approach to your routine. 

Moreover, January is a time when many people set wellness goals. This focus on self-care and well-being can extend to makeup choices as well. Beauty trends like dewy bronze makeup promote a natural and radiant complexion, emphasizing skincare over heavy coverage. This aligns with the holistic approach to health that many individuals adopt at the beginning of the year as well. And afterall, you can never go wrong with fresh-faced and glowing looks. A reflection of a commitment to self-love and self-care, if you will.

Below, you’ll find 5 makeup trends to try this winter.

Frosted, pink cheeks

Frosted, pink cheeks are a must-try makeup trend this winter season. They add a whimsical touch of freshness to your overall look. This trend involves using soft, cool-toned, pink blushes with a hint of shimmer to create a frosty and ethereal effect– such as Saie’s Dew Blush in Cool Baby Pink– on the cheeks. The cool undertones of pink complement the winter season, evoking a rosy and natural flush reminiscent of the chilly weather.

Bold lips

You can never go wrong with a statement, red lip. Whether you’re embracing the deep cherry cola trend or opting for the classic pouty red look, consider adding a red lipstick– such as the Fenty Icon Velvet Liquid Lipstick in The MVP– to your beauty rotation this month.

Dewy glow

Achieving a dewy skin complexion is ideal year-round, particularly in the winter when cold temperatures can lead to dryness. To maintain a radiant glow, consider incorporating a hydrating serum into your skincare routine. Additionally, using a shimmering bronzer, like Tower 28’s Beauty Bronzino, can enhance your skin’s luminosity, providing the ultimate dewy finish.

Graphic liner

Graphic liner is experiencing a resurgence this season, bringing a bold and artistic edge to makeup trends. This style involves using eyeliner to create distinctive designs, going beyond the traditional look. From geometric shapes to intricate patterns, graphic liner allows for creative expression and adds a dynamic element to your overall makeup aesthetic. Try out Huda Beauty’s Life Liner for your next eye look. 

Glossy brown lids

Glossy brown eyelids emerged as a noteworthy makeup trend during the fall season and is certainly here to stay as we transition into winter. This trend involves applying a glossy finish (the about-face Vinyl Effect is perfect for this) to brown eyeshadows (you can’t go wrong with Ami Colé’s Lid Joy), creating a lustrous and dimensional look on the eyelids. The choice of brown adds warmth and versatility, making it suitable for various occasions and skin tones. The glossy texture adds a modern twist to the traditional matte brown eyeshadow.

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