Best Clitoral Stimulators Vibrators For Clitoris 2024

In fact, Mintz tells R29 that around 96% of people with vaginas require external clitoral stimulation to orgasm. “While sex researchers are still debating if there are different kinds of orgasms, many contend that all [vaginal] orgasms are clitoral,” she expands. (That means that your G-spot massager is actually a clitoral vibrator, too!). That’s why, when it comes to sex toys, the clitoral vibrator options are endless. Subcategories like oral sex toys and newfangled contraptions like tongue vibrators and soul-snatching suction vibrators have popped up everywhere. And that’s not to mention tried-and-true wand vibrators, bullets, and grinders! So if you find yourself adrift in a vast sea of infinite variations of clitoral stimulators, fear not.

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