Ari Lennox Is Giving Us Major Beauty Inspiration

Ari Lennox’s raspy-yet-powerful voice has had a grasp on the music industry since signing to J. Cole’s Dreamville Records in 2015. From smoking away heartbreak on her 2019 single, “I Been” to leaving her curls in the shower on “New Apartment,” Lennox sings about how we all feel. Currently on her Nostalgia tour, the artist has been inspiring us not just sonically, but also with more beauty looks than we can count.

This year, on Instagram, Lennox takes us backstage with the beauty ‘flicks from moments before she bares her soul on stage. For starters, she began the year in white, glittery eyeshadow and natural curls for a show in New Orleans. She opted for a warmer makeup look– a bronze-pink metallic and brown lip gloss– backstage in Los Angeles. A month later? She went for neutral tones before opening for Jazmine Sullivan. 

In just the past week, the artist has given us 4 jaw-dropping looks. On the opening night of her tour, Lennox went back to the white eyeshadow she started the year in but with rhinestones glued around her eyes. A few days later, glitter was dusted all over her body– highlighting her bright red nails. Then, she turned heads with straight, middle parted layers. And, as her most recent post? Rosy cheeks, and Curly bangs reminiscent of Donna Summer. 

Below, take a look at 9 of Lennox’s show-stopping beauty moments.

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