An Account Manager In Glasgow On £39,000

This week: “I’m a 26-year-old account manager currently living in Glasgow, but I’m originally from the Highlands. I started working in sales after I left uni four or five years ago, but I have only recently ended up in a role in an industry I love, and at a company that is able to support my training and aid in progressing my career. I’ve jumped from earning £24,000 to £39,000 in the last year and I have been working hard to pay off my overdraft and credit card debt… But I’ve still been managing to enjoy life and I enjoy being on a higher salary! I am in a very fortunate position — especially for the age I am — and I’m constantly needing to know what the next steps are in my career. Honestly, I’m just really enjoying life right now, although I will always be stressed about money. I so, so, so appreciate being able to have extra money every month, so that money isn’t an all-consuming stress. I haven’t grown out of the ‘going out and get steaming with your pals’ phase yet, but I’ve calmed down from how hard I used to party. Life is about balance, in my opinion.”

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