Ambi Launches ‘Skin Wisdom’ Series To Help Women Of Color Figure Out Best Practices For Healthy, Melanated Skin


Ambi Skincare, the beauty care brand that’s been looking out for Black women long before others took note of the one-of-a-kind needs of our skin, is still thriving as “The Skin Tone Authority” after 55 years. In that role, they seek to educate and provide a space for Black women to discuss their skin care journeys, and how they take care of themselves both inside and out. That’s why the brand recently launched a virtual series, “Skin Wisdom,” to provide that platform and opportunity for Ambi lovers to know that “It’s more than just skin deep.”

On December 12, the space opened up with a conversation about generational beauty regimens, the impact of diet and wellness on skin health, as well as the impact of the brand after all these years. It was led by lifestyle curator Africa Miranda, and included the insights of fellow lifestyle influencers Ke’la Walker, Angelique Miles, and Christina Granville, who are known for their beauty, fashion, fitness and entertainment expertise.

Walker talked about how far skin care has come since the days of just strong smelling cleansing and cold creams that she saw her mom utilizing way back when.

“What we have available now blows those products out the water,” she shared. “I don’t remember my mom doing much. And it’s funny because now I feel like I’m the one that’s like, ‘Mom, you need an eye cream. You need a serum. You need to do it in layers: You go from light to heaviest.’ I’m imparting the wisdom now to my mom and younger sister. I’m like, ‘Sis, as soon as you can, start buying eye cream. Immediately!’”

Walker also noted the role Ambi played in her skin care journey, which all of the women could relate to.

“Also, I remember Ambi, if you had an issue with hyperpigmentation, Ambi was the one because there was no other product that was marketed towards Black women or women of color in general to help with discoloration. Name another. You can’t,” she said. “So it’s so funny, even now, seeing the products Ambi has compared to then. We’re leaps and bounds ahead.”

With that increase in offerings, from cleansers to toners to serums to moisturizers and more (so many steps!), it’s put women in a position to have an arsenal of goods they utilize for skin health that the women before them didn’t.

“I don’t think we’ll ever find one thing that works for everything,” Granville noted. “I feel like I have to have nine to 12 products with me all the time.”

“And they all serve different purposes!” Walker chimed in.

For Miles and Granville, they touched on the importance of physical activity in skin health and keeping up with body changes. Miles, who is in her 50s and in unbelievable shape, said that nutrition makes all the difference.

“I can’t just work out. I have to eat right and work out,” she said. “In my 20s and 30s I could eat a whole box of pizza and just work out and be ok. But now, no. You have to do both. I can work out until the cows come home but if I’m not eating right, it doesn’t show up on my body.”

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And when it comes to tried and true beauty advice, Granville, a former professional basketball player, offered something that all four ladies could agree on: Always wear sunscreen.

“I learned the hard way and I wished when I was younger my mom would have told me. But my mom was a Pentecostal woman and she was everything close to holy so she didn’t do any earrings, no pants, no makeup,” she recalled. “But I wish someone would have told me when I was younger, because I was a track athlete as well so I was always out in the sun, that I needed sunscreen and if I don’t use it, when I get older I’m going to have skin damage.”

“And not just wear sunscreen but reapply your sunscreen every two hours,” Miles added. “If you’re not going to reapply it you might as well not wear it. They have powders now, they have sprays.”

The ladies rounded out the conversation by talking about curbing stress, which can certainly impact one’s beauty and body.

“There’s beauty in doing nothing,” Miles advised. “Sometimes I’m just like, I’m overwhelmed so I’m not going to do anything.”

Tricia McKenzie, brand manager for Ambi Skincare, joined at the end to reiterate all the great insights the women shared. She also made sure to plug the wide range of products the brand has, including a new line of dark spot correctors for hyperpigmentation and fade creams for morning and night care. They’re still going strong, and hopefully, the Skin Wisdom virtual series will continue as well in the hopes of providing Black women with a chance to find community talking about something we’ve all got and need to show love to: our skin.

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