A Solicitor In Glasgow On £45,000

This week: “I’m a 26-year-old solicitor based in Glasgow. I moved here from Edinburgh around 18 months ago when I qualified. In one week, I qualified as a solicitor, moved companies, moved cities and moved in with my partner. It was a busy time! My partner owns the flat that we share and has done for a few years before I moved in. Our current arrangement means he pays his mortgage while I pay almost all of our bills. We agreed to this to allow me to save hard towards a deposit. We are currently planning on buying a new flat together in around six months’ time and have started to get the wheels in motion on that (i.e. I spend too much time searching around property websites!). We split all of our other expenses equally and use an app to input expenses to see who owes who what (which we use as if it was a competitive game). Despite the hard saving I do spend money on enjoying myself (trips, concerts, football matches) as this is the first time I have had a good amount of “fun” money. My current splurge is a 12-day trip to Germany for the European Championships in June with my partner — we have already booked/paid for most of the costs (travel, accommodation, tickets), and are now in the fun stages of planning activities for when we are there.”

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