7 Products To Add To Your Routine For Healthier Hair

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Growing up, hair care didn’t always feel like the self-care ritual it is for many of us today. Instead, it was often a painful experience as our mother or aunt combed through our strands. Having to sit still for hours on end as we had our hair braided was a test of patience. Other times, our manes were subjected to a chemical relaxer to iron out the kinks.

As we mature, many of us may carry this feeling of frustration surrounding our hair care into adulthood. This may have resulted in snapping our kinks too hard as we comb– leading to breakage, scalp stress, and overall pain. Other times, after we finally detangle, we may be cleansing with a shampoo that is far too drying– just to then blow our hair out with high heat settings, causing heat damage.

Although learning to care for your hair texture may be a process, there are tools designed out there to make the hair care experience a more enjoyable one. For example, the UnBrush went viral for an impressive ability to detangle even the most textured hair without resistance or breakage. Meanwhile, the original Black-founded UnBraider can remove up to eight braids at once, cutting down the braid removal process.

Then there’s the low-heat Dyson hairdryer– a professional favorite for damage-free blowouts. Other products, like the Bounce Curl Brush can make a wash-and-go worth a try. And it can be made all the better with Karité Nutri hair oil for your scalp care beforehand. And at the foundation of every ritual is of course a great shampoo. Consider the Keracare Hydrating Shampoo– guaranteed to make wash days much easier.

Below, take a look at 7 expert-approved hair care tools and products for a damage- and pain-free hair ritual.

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