6 Beauty Brands In Support Of Palestine

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To date, the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza has resulted in the death of over 12,300 Palestinians, including at least 4,000 children, and led to the displacement of an estimated 1.5 million people. This has been a globally harrowing moment that has been nearly 80 years in the making. In short– a genocide of an indigenous population. 

When tragedy strikes so far away, it is easy to feel helpless or dejected to the whims of those in power. Of course, there is much to be said about our elected officials’ actions or lack thereof in times of crises, but there are still actionable ways we can show our alliance through our purchasing power. Afterall, aligning your pockets with your beliefs is one of the strongest forms of solidarity.

In support of those efforts and to further amplify needed voices of the cause, below, we have compiled a list of beauty brands that are vocal and steadfast in their support of Palestine.

Founded by Olamide Olowe, Topicals has been an incubator of change in the skincare industry since its launch in 2020.
The brand makes products, like the Faded Serum and Like Butter Moisturizer, for various skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Most recently, they’ve launched the Slick Salve Mint Balm. A portion of these proceeds will be donated to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF).

Founded in 2013 by US-Iraqi beauty mogul Huda Kattan, an OG of the beauty blogger era, Huda Beauty has taken the beauty space by storm digitally and IRL. Kattan has been forthcoming with her support of the Palestinian people on both her personal and professional pages, sharing the direness of standing “on the side of the oppressed,” and pledging to donate $1 million between Huda Beauty and their sister companies to charity organizations, Doctors Without Borders and Human Appeal as shared on the brand’s Instagram page. The money will go towards water, hygiene kits, fuel, and medical care for the people in Gaza.

Launched in 2018, Kayali is the fragrance subsidiary of Huda Beauty. A joint venture between Huda and her sister, the “perfume princess” Mona Kattan, Kayali has quickly become an aromatic mainstay of the scent world on TikTok. They gained fame for their indulgent scents and aesthetic packaging. But, beyond signature aromas, the brand has been clear in its support of Palestine, as demonstrated by their social media posts and monetary pledge.

The third branch of the Huda Beauty empire, Wishful Skin, was launched in 2020 by Huda Kattan with a focus on “soft, smooth skin [and] diminished pores.” In tandem with Huda Beauty and Kayali, they will be contributing towards a donation of $1 million towards the people of Gaza.

Founded in 2014 by husband and wife duo Sal Ali and Farah Dhukai, Farsáli is a cruelty-free skincare brand offering a wide selection of facial creams and serums with an onus on ethical sourcing and sustainable self-care.

As a part of its Black Friday sale, for every item sold, the brand pledged a day’s worth of food to feed children in Gaza. “With every product sold, we’ll donate a day’s worth of nutritious food to help a child in Gaza,” a post on the brand’s Instagram stated. Further, the brand has shared that regardless of sales, they are committed to donating at least $20,000

Glossy makeup is the creative output of Natasha Zaki, a renowned makeup artist who has worked with industry giants including Pat Mcgrath, Dior and Lanvin. In response to the ongoing crisis in Palestine, Zaki has utilized both her professional and personal platforms to speak out against the inhumane treatment of the Palestinian people, describing the continual bombardment of Gaza by Israeli forces as an inexcusable strike against justice. “Justice is regarded as the greatest and most fundamental moral virtue, overarching and taking precedence over all others. Equally, however, justice remains the most contentious moral, ethical, political and social issue of our time,” Zaki shared on her Instagram. 

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