5 Everyday Makeup Tips I Learned From A Professional

It might sound impossible, but if you always get mascara on your eyelids, or accidentally poke yourself in the eyes, consider applying it on a closed eye. In theory, it shouldn’t work. While my eye was closed, Nassim lifted my brow slightly and applied the Burberry Ultimate Lift Mascara, £32. The curved brush boasts tiny teeth rather than tightly-packed bristles, which makes light work of defining, lengthening and beefing up lashes without clumping. Since, I’ve learned that giving my lashes a good press with an eyelash curler makes them sit up when the eye is closed. This is especially useful if your lashes are on the short side and you want them to appear longer. It’s then really easy to swipe on mascara without getting it everywhere or causing eyes to water. If you aren’t sold, maybe TikTok’s beauty enthusiasts can convince you: The hack is already viral. 

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