5 Easy Fitness Exercises To Get Kehlani’s Snatched Abs

Kehlani has always had a snatched physique, but lately, she has been turning heads with her ripped abs, as she recently revealed on her Instagram. The mother, singer-songwriter, and entrepreneur is rumored to be gearing up for a new album, and let’s just say she’s been putting work in the gym, and we are here for it. Additionally, Kehlani has been a mother to a baby girl since 2019.

The Grammy-nominated singer welcomed her first child, Adeya Nomi Parrish Young-White, with guitarist Javie Young-White in March 2019. She wrote, “If you know me, you know i’ve dreamt about motherhood since i was very young. when asked what my goals are, it’s always the idea of a big healthy happy family & whatever comes along is a plus. Dearest little girl, i am so proud to be your mommy. I cannot wait to meet you, i know you will be 50,000 times more special than i can even imagine at this moment.”

Apparently, the singer has been on a health journey since 2022, and where she finds piece. “Fitness has changed my life in the last year,” she wrote on Instagram. “The gym has become something beyond a goal for my physical well-being. It’s an absolute nonnegotiable for my inner wellness! I lobbbbb et.”

Although we know she stays in the gym, we still wonder how she got that snatched. Lucky for us, she’s beginning to document her workout journey on TikTok. Here are several tips you can do to get ripped abs like hers. 

Leg curls with weights! 

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Overhead Squats: Incorporate some compound moments in your life! This exercise fires up the midsection by stabilizing the weight above the head while lengthening it. 

Press-ups: Getting abs is all about strengthening your midsection. Try to do as many push-ups as you can

Split Lunge: Hold a dumbbell on each shoulder and set up a lunge position. Move your back knee to the floor and press both dumbbells above your head.

Uphill Treadmill: To burn additional fuel, try walking on the treadmill consistently to also build stamina and core strength

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