Zonnique And Bandhunta Izzy Respond To Critics Of Their Relationship After Viral Video: ‘Who Are You To Judge Us?’

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Tiny’s daughter Zonnique Pullins recently put her child’s father in the hot seat and things got awkward. This took place during a conversation with her partner, a rapper who goes by Bandhunta Izzy.

At one point in the conversation, Pullins, 27, asked which child’s mother Izzy was referring to as a “clown” on his stories. Izzy went on to deny he said the full statement but admitted he was referring to the singer after she came with receipts and read what the rapper wrote out loud.

“My baby mama is the biggest f*** clown I know like what the f–k be wrong with these people. Watch out for the mother***** that wasn’t outside for real. Sh-t gets spooky,” the singer and mom read.

When Pullins asked what she did to him to have the Instagram Story dedicated to her, he blamed it on her blocking him.

“You block me all the time. Every time you get an attitude, you block me. And that’s why I said that outside part, because it’s like, well, like damn, a n—a could really be trying to contact you about something serious.”

Pullins paused and said it was all a miscommunication and argued that she didn’t block him at the time in question. The couple, who did another video on his YouTube channel called The Hunta Family, have been receiving backlash for the relationship dynamic people gleaned from the clips, including when they confessed they wouldn’t be together if it wasn’t for their daughter. He noted that they both put up with some things they don’t like in order to have a two-parent home for their daughter.

““I have four kids, and this is the only kid I was in the household with from start to finish, so it’s something that I don’t want to take from her as well,” he said. “But I would’ve been kicked you to the god—n curb.”

In a video shared on Jan. 15, the parents addressed the criticism.

“And then y’all took when I said if the baby wasn’t involved like I just wouldn’t want to be here if there wasn’t a baby involved,” Izzy said. “Wouldn’t I be with my two other baby mothers if a baby could really make a n—a stay? I want to be here because I want to be here.”

She went on to add that she isn’t keeping him “hostage” and that they have a “great relationship” irrespective of their issues. In fact, they said they aren’t actually in a traditional relationship but are very close.

In the video, they also addressed the rapper referring to Pullins as his “Coretta” Scott King among other comments made. “We have a great relationship and be happy most of the time,” he said. “Who are you to judge us? You sitting in the house lonely as motherf–ker in the house watching us. That’s the problem. Don’t watch!”

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Around that time, Izzy was also spotted in the club with controversial TV personality Chrisean Rock on his lap, which social media users found suspect, but that’s another conversation for another day.

Izzy and Pullins had their first child, Hunter Zoelle James, in December 2020 and have been together since 2018. The rapper has three children by two other women.

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