Your Horoscope This Week: February 11 to 17


This is a relatively calm week astrologically speaking, which is welcome after the intensity of January. The main astrological transits are Mercury’s entrance into Aquarius on February 5, followed by the Aquarius new moon on the 9th. This is a preview of the increasingly Aquarian energy that will be dominating the cosmos later this month (Mars and Venus will later be joining the sun, Mercury, and Pluto in the fixed air sign of Aquarius). 

All zodiac signs would benefit from thinking outside the box this new moon week. We’ll collectively start to question the status quo, and we’ll speak out against any aspects of our lives that feel oppressive, whether it’s on a personal, professional, or political level. Mercury in Aquarius is all about radical truth, which begins by being honest with our own selves first about what’s working and what needs to be disrupted. We’ll have an eye-opening weekend as the asteroid Ceres — which represents unconditional love and fertility — will have recently entered Capricorn. This transit puts us in the mood to get clear about what we need to feel fulfilled in partnership, starting with the relationship we have with our own self.

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Aries Sun & Rising:

The main theme of this week for you, Aries, is finding more truth in your community and friendships. Mercury’s entrance into Aquarius on the 5th encourages you to avoid small talk and idle chit-chat. With the north node traveling through your sign, you want to be seen for who you truly are and not for what you’re expected to be. Aquarius Season has already been helping you stay true to yourself, and now you’re seeking that transparency and authenticity amongst your friend group too. All you have to do is ask for it. 

This weekend, the Aquarius new moon takes your truth-seeking journey to new heights. Take time to set intentions regarding what aspects of yourself you want to build upon and improve these next six months, ideally with the help of your community. You can go far on your own, but you’ll exceed your expectations when working with the people who want you to shine. 

Taurus Sun & Rising:

Taurus, although this is a relatively chill week astrologically, you may not be feeling chill at all, due to the increasing amount of Aquarius energy in the cosmos. Aquarius transits tend to make you feel a bit antsy (unless you have many Aquarius placements in your birth chart, in that case you may have integrated it), and if that’s the case this week, do your best to take a breather rather than pile too many responsibilities on your plate. 

Mercury’s entrance into Aquarius on the 5th has you contemplating ways to switch up your professional routine, perhaps through starting a new technical or creative course in coming days or weeks. Think out of the box when it comes to how to reorient yourself professionally, especially if you’ve felt bored or uninspired lately. The world is your oyster, and Jupiter’s continued presence in your sign up until May 25 means that taking calculated leaps of faith is likely to pay off for you, long term. 

Gemini Sun & Rising:

With your planetary ruler Mercury entering your fellow air sign of Aquarius on the 5th, you’re feeling expansive and open to discovering new aspects of yourself, others, and the world. Aquarius Season has you in the mood to experience new realities, either through travel or through the people you interact with on a daily basis. This could lead to you subconsciously distancing yourself from certain friend groups in order to rediscover yourself from a new lens. Do your best to communicate your need for space or else people are likely to feel alienated or cut off. 

This weekend, the Aquarius new moon encourages you to daydream about what you’d want to do with your life if you didn’t have to worry about paying your bills each month. Now that Pluto is in Aquarius, you’re invited to rethink what’s possible for you, which means acknowledging your own limiting beliefs. Spend time journaling and brainstorming without finding reasons why it would “never work out.” Create openings for the universe to pleasantly surprise you. 

Cancer Sun & Rising:

Cancer, you may be in the mood to hibernate as we approach the Aquarius new moon, as the sun, Mercury, and Pluto in Aquarius are activating your sector, depth, and merging. Your intuitive powers are increasing considerably, which may lead to you having telepathic experiences with people around you. You’ll have to work on setting energetic boundaries, or else people will be coming up to you left and right for wisdom and advice — both people you know and complete strangers. Remember that “No” is a complete sentence. Use the Aquarius new moon on the 9th to stand your ground. 

With Ceres, the asteroid that has to do with unconditional love, entering your opposite sign of Capricorn on the 6th, you’re likely to feel more hopeful in matters of the heart. You’ll also have greater clarity about what your non-negotiables are, and this allows you to let love in without being taken for granted or taken advantage of.

Leo Sun & Rising:

Leo, as the week begins you’re just now coming down from the high of your annual full moon. It affected you more potently than the other zodiac signs due to the opposition to Pluto in Aquarius, which led to you re-evaluating your life priorities and overall trajectory. Mercury’s entrance into Aquarius on the 5th can help you put some of your newly developed plans into motion through intentionally partnering with people who believe in you and your vision. All you have to do is consistently put yourself out there. If you have a product to launch, do so within 10 days of this weekend’s Aquarius new moon. 

Ceres’ entrance into Capricorn on the 6th asks you to love yourself unconditionally, without relying on outside support or validation. This may be easier said than done, but the Aquarius energy in the cosmos is helping you be emotionally detached from the need to always have external attention. You’re more focused on hyping yourself up and making sure you’re living in alignment with your core values.

Virgo Sun & Rising:

Virgo, with your planetary ruler Mercury entering Aquarius on the 5th, you’re being asked to release your tight hold on life as you know it. Everything is shifting before your eyes — especially your own thought patterns. It’s best to get curious about what these internal and external shifts mean, and how they’re going to manifest in your life. You’re experiencing your annual full moon in Virgo on the 24th of this month, so you have no choice but to get comfortable with the concept of change. 

This weekend, the new moon in Aquarius activates your sector of health and wellness, helping you practice the art of vulnerability and intimacy in your closest connections. Your mental and physical health are connected to how much you ease yourself of psychological burdens. It’s time to get things off your chest, even if you’d rather keep them locked inside. Let people see you in all your transparency, and you’ll attract and deepen connections that stand the test of time. 

Libra Sun & Rising:

Libra, all of the Aquarius energy in the cosmos is helping you have more fun, be more creative, and let go of your need to be loved by everyone. Mercury’s entrance in Aquarius on the 5th will particularly propel you to new intellectual and imaginative heights — you may have sudden epiphanies regarding where to direct your energy and resources these next few weeks, and this could lead to you forming a serendipitous connection that turns your life around for the better. 

This weekend, the Aquarius moon helps you think of wealth and sustainability in a more ethereal and expansive way. Make sure your home environment feels lush, clean, cozy, and spacious. Take time to clear out or donate objects you no longer use while your ruler Venus is still in the frugal sign of Capricorn. Through doing so you’re making room for more abundance to enter your life, energetically and materially.

Scorpio Sun & Rising:

Scorpio, you’re at a crossroads in your life, and this week provides you with an opportunity to honestly assess how you’d like to move forward, and in which direction you’d like to go. Chances are that last month’s Leo full moon helped you realize a long-held dream. But now it means you have to keep showing up for yourself and that dream, and that takes discipline, patience, and faith. 

All of the Aquarius energy in the cosmos is making you feel like the foundation you had worked so hard to build is suddenly crumbling beneath your feet, and you have to start over. Take things breath by breath and try not to look at life in extremes this new moon week… 

Ceres’ entrance into Capricorn this week is also helping you fine-tune the people you want to be around, create with, and open up to. You may be pleasantly surprised to see that what you’ve been looking for and wishing for has also been looking for and wishing for you. If you haven’t yet taken the time to get clear about what you want, use the Aquarius new moon on the 9th to set expansive intentions for the next six months. Remember: Ask and you shall receive.

Sagittarius Sun & Rising:

Sag, this new moon week is all about communicating in a way that feels liberating and fun. Mercury, the Planet of Communication, enters Aquarius on the 5th, and this could lead to you making a new group of friends or colleagues in an unexpected way. You’re often up for adventure so if the vibe feels right, say yes to embarking on spontaneous outings, even if it’s with people you just met. The universe often brings people in our lives at exactly the right time to help us evolve, and this is one of those times for you. 

Take time to set your new moon intentions this weekend, because since your communication sector is currently so lit up by Aquarius placements you’re likely to feel supercharged with electric and revolutionary energy. You’re seeking creative outlets for all that fire and momentum within you, making this an ideal moment to start a new passion project or hobby.

Capricorn Sun & Rising:

Capricorn, you may be in the mood to quit your job sometime these next six months. With Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, having recently left your sign (not to return until September 1), it feels like you’re going through one big life overhaul after another. 

This week’s Aquarius new moon on the 9th encourages you to create a master plan and have fun thinking through all the possibilities for your financial and professional rebirth. You don’t have to take immediate action, but start planting seeds within 10 days of that lunation, and you’ll start to see them begin to sprout by the time Leo Season arrives in July. 

Romantically speaking, Ceres enters your sign this week, so people who are into you will start to profess their love and admiration for you. You can take in their compliments and love without feeling pressured to reciprocate it. You’d benefit from being honest with yourself about who and what you want, and then be honest with them about it, too.

Aquarius Sun & Rising:

Aquarius, as the sun continues to travel through your sign you’re getting more curious about ways you can rebrand or reinvent yourself. Mercury’s entrance into your sign on the 5th is an opportune time for strategizing, either solo or with trusted comrades. You’re in an era of your life where you truly believe anything and everything is possible, so write down all of your ideas for what you’d like to accomplish this year — no matter how wild they may appear to be. This week’s new moon in your sign is the ideal time to implement the most exciting ideas on your brainstorm list. 

With Ceres entering Capricorn this week, you’re likely to have heart-to-hearts with your romantic partner(s) to ensure that you’re on the same page about what you want long term. Keep it honest and be straightforward, especially since we’re experiencing the new moon in your sign on the 9th. Your partner(s) will appreciate your transparency, as it’ll help foster deeper trust and intimacy between you.

Pisces Sun & Rising:

Pisces, your birthday season is around the corner, but this week you’re very much in hibernation mode due to the influence of Mercury entering Aquarius on the 5th. Pluto and the sun are already in Aquarius, activating the sector of your chart that has to do with solitude and healing, so you’ll find yourself seeking more time alone to process your feelings. But at the same time, you’ll be able to observe the way you feel without feeling overwhelmed, and this will help you stay somewhat grounded amid cosmic change. 

Once the Aquarius new moon strikes on the 9th, you’ll need plenty of time to process the potent changes that you’ve experienced since 2024 began and to set intentions for the next six months of your life. Keep your schedule light and say no to anything that feels draining or burdensome. Focus on making sure your own cup is full. 

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