Wales Bonner Leans On Preppy Collegiate Fashion In Her Newest Collection

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Grace Wales Bonner’s latest presentation titled “Dream Study” was minimal and moving. As the well-tailored show began filled in a dimly lit Parisian space it became clear that the vocals were courtesy of Yasiin Bey. As models began to glide down the runway, we noticed another familiar face, photographer Tyler Mitchell. The young photographer modeled a tan coat, khaki pants, pink suede shoes, and a navy polo-style shirt.

The color palette in Bonner’s latest line of clothing was filled with browns, grays and she utilized blues like navy and sky blue. Punches of primary hues such as red and yellow were sprinkled throughout the minimalistic range. Each of the colors chosen allows the clothing, footwear and jewelry to speak for themselves.

Class Is In Session At Wales Bonner’s Fall/Winter 2024 Menswear Presentation
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Many of the designs that went down the runway like crew neck sweaters had the words “Howard.” There were also bold varsity-style jackets that had a “WB” embroidered emblem on them. Bonner is a designer who often includes studying as a part of her creative process. The methods she leans on before constructing her pieces allow for a free-flowing of ideas that are actualized through intentional textures and garments. Comprised of 32 looks, the newest presentation offers ideals for workwear and beyond the crevices of offices. There are succinct long-sleeved teal dresses that fall below one’s knees. Elsewhere in the range, we spot a two-piece knit set in a rich brown hue with tan stripes–it is styled with a dark brown leather coat with fur detailing. This exquisite outfit is topped off with buckled ballerina flats which provide the designer’s take on the footwear that has seen an uptick in popularity, especially last year.

Class Is In Session At Wales Bonner’s Fall/Winter 2024 Menswear Presentation
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Shearling coats which provide a chic option for staying warm amid frigid temperatures came down the runway in a few variations too. Other standouts were worn by women: a cropped gray blazer with gold buttons along the lapels with a blue floral tweed-style skirt. I’m also deeply into a gray wool coat styled over a royal blue Adidas track jacket paired with a navy and red skirt. Another sporty look that was compelling included a red Adidas sweatshirt paired with a navy jacket with paneled pockets and sleek black track pants.

Class Is In Session At Wales Bonner’s Fall/Winter 2024 Menswear Presentation
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Although some looks ether into workwear territory there is a youthful energy peeking through. The college experience could have served as a source of inspiration for Bonner. If it did, we wouldn’t blame her, after all, going to class while wearing stylish outfits is something to worth aspiring for.

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