Roc Nation’s Ambré Releases Video Series For Her Critically Acclaimed EP, ‘Who’s Loving You?’

Grammy Award-winning musician, producer, and writer Ambré has announced a video series for her highly touted project, who’s loving you?. The first video for her track “Elevate” is out today. The five-part collection will be released weekly throughout October, and tells the visual story of the project.

“The title, who’s loving you?, is a question I feel like everybody should ask themselves every now and then,” Ambré tells ESSENCE. “Whether that’s something you look in the mirror and ask or you ask it to yourself based on your romantic situation or your family situation. We should all always be just analyzing the way that we are loved and the way that we love people.”

Since the release of the EP, this budding superstar explained that it was well received, as has been with most of her work. The feedback has been good,” Ambré says. “I always feel like every time I drop something, my audience grows. And me personally, I get better as an artist just by putting music out and seeing what resonates with people and how I could become a better artist.”

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In releasing this video series, Ambré truly believes that timing is everything. “I feel like it’s a cool time to be dropping because I feel like a lot of people don’t have stuff coming out in the fall,” she says. “My project came out in June, so I feel like it’s lived in the world for a little while so that people had time to digest the music a little bit before I put some visuals to it.”

2023 has been an exciting year for the Louisiana native. She received her first BET nomination for Best New Artist at this year’s awards and debuted her NPR Tiny Desk Concert shortly after. She wrapped the second leg of her headlining The Wild Magnolia Tour with several sold out shows across major cities in the U.S., and is currently on tour as the opener for Victoria Monét’s Jaguar Tour.

As an artist, Ambré wants to build upon the success she’s achieved up to this point, and “keep the flow of energy going,” as she says. In regards to this month’s set of releases co-directed by herself and 12, and co-produced by Nikoleeno Croslin, 12 and Taya Simmons, the “I’m Baby” creator hopes that it will leave a lasting impact for her listeners.

“I really just wanted to make something to further show people the world that I’m building,” the 27-year-old says. “With each project, I want to build a world and bring people into that world. So with these visuals, I’m hoping that it brings people closer into the world that I’m trying to create.”

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