LeToya Luckett Believes That Her Next Husband Should Come Before Her Kids: ‘That’s The Biblical Order’


Recently, LeToya Luckett’s 2022 appearance on the popular Good Moms, Bad Choices podcast created discourse on social media, as the singer and actress feels like husbands should come before the kids when it comes to marriage. During the podcast, she spoke candidly about the sacrifices mothers make daily to ensure their children’s wellbeing, and opened up about navigating dating since becoming a single mother of two, and how she plans to approach partnership a bit differently in the future, as she had time to reflect on why her second marriage to Tommicus Walker didn’t workout upon divorce in 2021. Before that the mother of two was married to relationship expert and author Rob Hill Sr. in 2016 and split two months later.

In the resurfaced clip, she notes that her third marriage will be done differently. “Know that if we get married, they [children] don’t come first. It’s you. So I try and go by the Biblical order even though that’s harder said than done. I’ve been on the other side of that not happening twice and it does interfere. When you get married and you become someone’s wife, and there are other things that come before you, you feel it immediately, especially when you’ve been waiting to be a wife and be first and feel desired in that position, it can be a thing.” 

She continues, “It’s harder to say as a mom of two kids because nothing should come before your kids.” Mila, one of the podcast hosts, chimed in and said, “I don’t like ‘should.’ There’s no should. Everyone has what works for them. If the Bible says this, it may work for you. You can believe in the Bible and still feel this way. I feel like you come first because you can’t pour from an empty cup, but I feel like people are triggered when it comes from a woman saying that. If your house isn’t right, you aren’t going to be happy. If I have the right husband, do I really have to choose? Our priorities as a family and unit will be the same.”

“It’s hard to say, but it makes sense when it plays out,” Luckett notes. Her comments caused criticism from social media users and fans alike, accusing the singer of being a “pick me,” focused on centering a man and marriage over her children. “Putting a man who is not the father of your kids before your kids screams pick me a– bird,” one user said, according to Atlanta Black Star. “You’re basically telling your children that this new man who just came around is more important than them.”

Others pointed out that she’s being hypocritical since she was divorced twice. “Ewwww. She’s a bird. It kills me when people speak biblically yet do not follow the bible. It’s dangerous to only apply the parts you want. She’s divorced twice.“

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