Exclusive: ‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard’ Returns For Season 2 In March

Martha’s Vineyard, with its picturesque landscapes and sun-drenched vineyards, becomes the stage for a summer full of secrets, drama, and unexpected twists for a group of friends. Bravo’s hit reality series Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard is heading back to our television series this March, with fun in the sun, with even more drama. With the same schtick as last season, ten young Black professionals and entrepreneurs are headed to Martha’s Vineyard, to bask in the beauty of the exclusive enclave and escape the woes of their daily lives and careers. 

Returning to the summertime sanctuary are most of last season’s stars, including Nicholas “Nick” Arrington, Jasmine Ellis Cooper, Jordan Emanuel, Bria Fleming, Shanice Henderson, Amir Lancaster, Preston Mitchum, Summer Marie Thomas and Alex Tyree. They are all joined by a new friend and castmate, Noelle Hughley. 

As the sun sets over Martha’s Vineyard, each member of this eclectic group grapples with their own secrets, desires, and challenges, setting the stage for a summer that none of them will ever forget.

Since last season’s end season two will come with answers to some of the questions left on a cliffhanger – the state of some friendships is called into question, while others are in full bloom. Just as a sneak peek as to what’s to come this season, Jasmine arrives with a heavy heart and is determined to make this Vineyard vacation her “hot girl summer.” The absence of her partner Silas, serving overseas in the U.S. military, amplifies the challenge. The growing distance between her and the group, especially her sister-cousin Jordan, casts a shadow over her plans. Her bestie and DJ, Jordan on the other hand, amidst a bustling career and health battles, looks forward to a carefree summer with friends. However, the unspoken tension with former bestie Jasmine adds an awkward layer to the group’s energy this season, complicating her plans for a stress-free vacation.

Amir, the hardworking realtor, is back for his second Vineyard getaway, this time happily committed to Natalie. As the group grapples with reservations about Natalie, blaming her for stirring drama, Amir finds himself torn between loyalty to his friends and his newfound love.

Preston, having recently launched his consulting company and dealing with the loss of his estranged father, is determined to make this vacation memorable. Supported by his “wife” Jordan and friends Shanice and Summer, he faces challenges in his on-and-off relationship with Bria.

Bria, the luxury-loving entrepreneur in a long-distance relationship, strives to stay out of drama. But when tensions rise among the housemates’ significant others, Bria finds herself drawn into the chaos, testing her resolution.

Creative Alex, a magnet for attention, becomes entangled in a love triangle with a new housemate, Noelle, putting his friendships on the line. With chaos looming, he must navigate the Vineyard with his boys while keeping the peace.

Shanice, the life of the party, looks forward to turning up with her girls but faces a different side of herself when a scandal involving her ex resurfaces. Her carefree demeanor is put to the test as she grapples with unexpected challenges.

Nick, the Southern gentleman, is determined to enjoy the Vineyard, but questions arise about his loyalty and affectionate nature with the ladies. As he races in a 5K, he finds himself fighting to defend his reputation and maintain his relationship with girlfriend Tasia.

Summer, dealing with personal turmoil, hopes the Vineyard getaway will bring solace. However, her flirtation with Alex complicates matters, creating a murky situation that adds a layer of uncertainty to the summer.

Newcomer Noelle, the bubbly Atlanta peach, joins the group with the Meow Girls. Single and ready to mingle, she is drawn to Alex but only time will tell how their relationship will go.

Will this season be fun under the sun? We’ll find out in March. Watch the trailer to find out.

Bravo’s ‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard’ will debut March 24.

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