EXCLUSIVE: Beauty Founder Kristen Noel Crawley Returns With KNC School Of Beauty

In a world where mainstream narratives often overlook the unique challenges that women of color face, initiatives like the KNC School of Beauty stand out. Founded by Kristen Noel Crawley, “it girl” and owner of KNC Beauty, the beauty school has a clear mission to educate and support BIPOC women on their entrepreneurship journey. This tuition-free virtual school is not just about imparting knowledge but fostering a community where dreams can flourish.

The inception of the KNC School of Beauty traces back to a pivotal moment in 2020, as recounted by its visionary founder in an exclusive interview with ESSENCE. “It was right after George Floyd was murdered in front of our eyes,” Crawley recalls. “I felt like I wanted to do something to give back as well.” Thus, the idea of a mentorship program took shape, driven by a desire to provide resources that many women lack.

EXCLUSIVE: Beauty Founder Kristen Noel Crawley Returns With KNC School Of Beauty

What sets this initiative apart is its lineup of panel discussions featuring established beauty and fashion businesswomen, offering insights and advice from a perspective of ownership. With a focus on reaching Gen Z through platforms like Twitch, the KNC School of Beauty aims to bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement. “I thought about a mentorship program because I’ve been really lucky to be in spaces with women that have taught me a lot and I know that a lot of women don’t have those resources,” says Crawley.

The curriculum is crafted to cover a variety of topics essential for entrepreneurial success. From angel investing with industry staple Hannah Bronfman, to brand building strategies shared by Maeva Heim of Bread Beauty, each session is designed to empower attendees with actionable knowledge. Madison Utendahl, Founder and CEO of Utendahl Creative, also brings her knowledge to the table, emphasizing the importance of uncovering one’s unique strengths. Meanwhile, Rea Ann Silva of Beauty Blender will lend her expertise surrounding innovation.

EXCLUSIVE: Beauty Founder Kristen Noel Crawley Returns With KNC School Of Beauty

But the impact of the KNC School of Beauty extends far beyond mere instruction. “If I can inspire one woman, that’s reason enough for me to keep going,” says. And the support doesn’t end when the sessions conclude. There is also a thriving Slack community which provides a platform for networking and mutual support, fostering connections with like-minded individuals looking to start or grow their businesses.

Looking ahead, the founder envisions expanding the reach of the KNC School of Beauty. “I would love to have in-person sessions and programs, and, of course, increased grant funding for BIPOC women,” Crawly mentions. Despite the challenges, she remains committed to the cause, driven by a passion to uplift and empower women entrepreneurs.The virtual session will be held on March 27th, on Twitch.

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