Blac Chyna Accuses Ex Tyga Of Changing Their Son’s School Without Telling Her

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TV personality and influencer Blac Chyna, or Angela White, is trying to get her affairs in order after turning over a new leaf. The 35-year-old mother of two is in the process of trying to get 50/50 physical and legal custody of her son, King, whom she shares with rapper Tyga, 33. In the court filing, the influencer also stated that she wants the rapper, the “Respondent,” to pick up the legal fees. 

For context, Chyna and Tyga had an informal agreement to temporarily change their parenting schedules because after having her daughter Dream with ex-fiancee Rob Kardashian, she found herself in ongoing legal battles with him and the Kardashian family.

“I was highly exposed to the ridicule of the media, and I was responding to legal pleadings, discovery, and emails daily. I thought about King’s best interest and wellbeing. I put King’s needs first and for this reason I requested that Respondent and I switch schedules,” she stated in the legal filing. “Respondent agreed. Again, informally and without Court Order, it was agreed that my custodial time with King would be Friday through Monday. My understanding of our arrangement was that it would only be temporary.”

White claims that Tyga is now interfering with her ability to be a mother to their son. A source claims that the mom of two has direct access to King and is only taking legal action so she can get child support. Chyna is claiming, however, that their co-parenting relationship changed in 2019 when Tyga cut all communication with her.

“To this day I am not sure what triggered Respondent and what happened that resulted in his refusal to communicate with me within normal channels. I was no longer able to directly communicate with Respondent via text message or email; and he would not disclose his home address, where King resided, to me either,” she claimed, saying that she still does not know the Bel-Air address King calls home during his time with his father.

She added that in 2020, she requested King’s schedule be modified so it matched her days with Dream, allowing the siblings to spend time together. Tyga first denied the request but later adhered, according to White. 

She also claims the rapper potentially changed their child’s school without her knowledge. 

“As the Spring 2023 semester started, I stopped receiving all communications from the school,” she stated. “I have reason to believe that Respondent has now enrolled King into a new school and has refused to give me the information and failed to give the school my information.”

This isn’t all about Chyna’s desire to have equal rights in decision-making and time with her son, though. She also says King has been requesting more time with her and his sister.  

“I have finally found the courage to ask the Court for the most basic legal and physical custody orders. This has simply gone on too long and my role as King’s mother continues to be diminished,” Chyna asserts, adding, “That is in no way in the best interest of our son.”

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, the former model also said she’s selling her designer items to pay her legal fees and that she’d never return to OnlyFans because her kids are getting older and it brings negativity.

“I feel like a lot of things hold energy, right? And we had discussed this before, I just kind of wanted a fresh start. And I don’t think nothing’s wrong with selling your old stuff,” she said.

Tyga and Chyna dated between 2011 and 2014 and welcomed King in 2012. 

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